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Executive Producer

Panda is your first point of contact when you embark on your sureCAN journey. She figures out the needs, the wants, and the budget. She works magic to make the creative, the team, and the numbers all align. If you want to thank her after a successful shoot, she's always down for a wrap-negroni.


Line Producer

Shrub is the most organized member of the team. She takes all of Panda's scribbles and rearranges them into the most put-together production you've ever seen. She makes sure everyone is up to speed on needs and expectations, and somehow everyone still loves her when the dust clears. She also has an unhealthy relationship with the labeler maker.


Audio Engineer / Drone Pilot

Bunny is the idea-guy and the one who gets sureCAN all our fun toys. From cameras to walkies, he researches, budgets, and receives all sorts of nonsense. Outside the office Bunny is our audio engineer and drone pilot. He is also quite dangerous with a soldering iron, always inventing new gadgets that nobody needs, until you do.

Team: Team


We are so lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with talented directors all over the country. At sureCAN we believe in everyone working as often as possible, and below we've listed a few special people who have allowed us to produce some of their amazing work. None are exclusive to us, which makes our relationships even more special. (Videos we have shot with them can be found by clicking on work at the top of the page.)

Matt Genesis_edited.jpg


We've been honored to work alongside the creative genius that is Matt Genesis on multiple projects, including our multi-year relationship with the University of North Dakota. Year after year he continues to blow our minds with his original concepts, and he forces us to stretch ourselves more than we thought possible. Matt especially loves 100+ people scenes, 10+ location shoots, and, of course, the dolly. Sound design always plays a large role in Matt's "mini-films" as he calls them, and he invigorates and inspires the crew by live-editing the scenes as we go along.

Marcus Taplin.jpg


Marcus is an incredibly talented Director of Photography who has turned into an even more brilliant director. We have had the privilege of working with Marcus since sureCAN first started, and we are so proud of how far he's come. He excels in creative lighting and camera moves, and puts his all into every project. The sky is the limit for this guy and we love being asked to help execute his visions.

Bryan Michurski.jpeg


Whether we're asking him to direct a 6-camera, live-to-tape, 100-course meal for Pepcid or he's asking us to produce a pretty on-the-nose, PSA for climate change starring a before-he-was-president-red-tie-wearing lookalike, Bryan is always one of our favorite people. He's up for any challenge and articulates his point of view in a way clients understand and appreciate. Collaborating with Michurski is always a good time, and we love + feel honored by the trust he's put in sureCAN.

Team: Team
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