Panda, Shrub, Bunny
A panda, a shrub, and a bunny walk into a bar... 

Our name is also our motto, and the answer to every question. We sureCAN make that work. We sureCAN do it within budget. And we sureCAN keep both the quality + the level of fun HIGH. 


PRODUCERS: Our clients know that if they come to sureCAN productions, they will work with the best producers. We are always organized, we are always under budget, and we are always efficient. 


CREW: Sometimes our clients don't know much about our amazing Minneapolis community. Sometimes they're looking to crew a production outside of Minnesota. We have contacts all over the US-of-A (a few countries too!) and we match each crew to the job, ensuring the perfect fit. 


BUDGETS: We get the typical treatment and the "how much does this cost," but we do other bids as well. Some clients don't know where to start, and our working numbers for them brings up a lot of questions that were never considered. Other clients just need a ballpark estimate. Heck, some of our clients only need a "bid against." Yeah, we do all that, and we do it with smiles that cost our parents a lot of money on braces.


GEAR: Let us know what you need + we will either rent it to you directly or set you up with the best vendors in town. Our reputation is solid + a sureCAN recommendation is as good as gold. We don't just pass you off - we ensure quality service every step of the way. 


SUPPORT: Ask any of our clients + they will tell you that our call sheets, logistics documents, shooting schedules (and anything else you can imagine) are the most detailed + EASY TO READ they've seen. Having both ends of that stick is no small feat, believe us. We work hard at being easy. (That's what she said.)


HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE, WELL-PRODUCED, + HIGH-QUALITY VIDEO CONTENT: We work with all budgets, in all capacities, making life easier for you. We thrive in figuring out the challenging, in solving the problems, and in suggesting the creative solutions that work within all confines. Basically, we work, we work hard, + we LIVE for our clients.


Come and play with us, and you'll wonder how you ever lived before you had some sureCAN in your life.